Ghost Railings

New Generation Approach- To meet growing challenges.

Ghost railings act as a railing as well as sliding window by switching on & off.

Compared to traditional glass windows, it helps to improve the integrity of exterior and interior look with eye catching  movements.

Ghost Railings is the best product for glass glazing and can be used in residential or commercial area.

It gives full control to the user while keeping glasses at any height which the user desires.

Modern Aesthetic Shape, Different surface & color options, converts open air area into a much more enjoyable place

Changeable dimensional options which changes according to customer needs.

For all combinations 1st lower glass is fixed, others are mobile as it is preceding
For1+1 system, max height is 2.40m, max width is 4.50m.
For1+2 and1+3 systems, max height is 3.60m max width is 3.60m.
Glass Options: 8 mm tempered glass (standard) 4 mm + 4 mm laminated glass , 5 mm + 10 mm,

5 mm + 5 mm thermal insulated tempered glass