Moving Sky Tech Details


As Glassics Designer, we present Moving Sky to our customers. The system works with special tensile and transmission system.

Thanks to qualified fabric (Sergey Ferrari), it provides energy saving besides shading sun. With internal LED illumination, it gives aesthetic appeal and comfort to end users. Over remote control, you can open and close system within few seconds and minimum effort.


1) Aluminum Profile: – 6063 T6 grade

2) Motor: – SOMFY

3) Timing Belt: – ELATECH and HABASIT


Product is manufactured in accordance with four season conditions.

Dye to be applied on profiles composing construction is electrostatic dye.

Movable ceiling cover is made of PVC based, three layered, 850 gr/m2 blackout material in different colors options.

PVC is waterproof and fire retardant (CL2-UNI EN 13773).

Ceiling cover opening/closing is controlled via remote controller with an engine.

Engine has 2 years guaranty by SOMFY.

Strainer is provided by T10 polyurethane timing belt system suitable for customization.

Rail profiles are aluminum and load bearing equipment 10 micron electro galvanized before electrostatic dying.

Light modules to be integrated on fabric holder profiles on movable ceiling cover are shown. Aluminum profile used in armature has 6063 T6 features.


  1. Product opens and closes over a mono-block rail. System gets movement energy from motor and with this energy motor make turns shaft which provides timing belt movement in rail channel. The 6 wheeled vehicles moves simultaneously with timing belt and as result of vehicles movement system works at two directions.
    While opening system, all fabrics gather at rear part of pergola and while closing fabric do reverse movement and provide flat view on top.
    Beam sections are as follows;MOVING SKY system capable of making 12 m max projection. Suggested maximum projection is 10 m. Rails are manufactured as mono-block (Detail 1)Vertical and horizontal resistance feeders are used in rail profiles.Load-bearing columns in system are 10X13 cm (Detail 2). There is two cable channels at each column and provides to move two cables inside till 1 cm diameter. Thanks to cover profiles after placing cables, possible to close channels with covers and provide lean looking.Rail front cover is manufactured from aluminum as a whole (Detail 3).
  2. Side covers of the gutter are designed as aluminum with remarkable extra feature. While hiding screws at side part, covers provide extra water drainage. (Detail 4)
  3. Main aluminum construction details are shown at Detail 1 – 2 and 6. Aluminum sections are painted with electrostatic dye in accordance with the color chosen.
Detail 1
  • Rail Profiles
  • 11X15 cm Rail
  • Weight: 6,350 kg/m.
  • Thickness: 2.2 mm.
Detail 2
  • Load Bearing Columns
  • 10 X 13 cm Pillar
  • Weight: 3.26 kg/m.
  • Thickness: 2 mm.
Detail 3
  • Beam Front Cover: Casting front covers of rails provide robust view to pergola and thanks to sand finish, it is giving perfect painting adhesion.
  • Front Cover For
  • 11X15 cm Rail
Detail 4

Side Cover: Beside aesthetic look, side covers provides extra water drainage when gutter is not enough to disposal water.

Thanks to this even at extreme rainy weather, there will be no water leakage inner area.

Detail 5

Load Bearing Columns Ground and Gutter Connection: Casting foot and galvanized flange provides perfect combination and pleasant appearance. The biggest problem at ground connection kit is side screws and we solved this problem while placing screw parts to front and bottom part. Thus any kind of glazing system can be apply just under pergola gutter between two pillars like Panorama and Sliding systems.